Practitioner’s Code of ethics

The certified practitioner, a pedagogical professional, must give himself or herself the means to respond to the pedagogical needs of his or her interlocutors, to welcome and accompany the learners without any discrimination.

The certified practitioner ensures that the dignity and autonomy of the learner are respected by providing the necessary information to understand coaching sessions.

The certified practitioner acts with humanity and takes into account the person, his or her experience, fundamental rights and freedom of choice.

The certified practitioner is responsible for:

  • maintaining his/her level of profesional competence;
  • making educational decisions with attention to the goals of beneficence and non-maleficence;
  • maintaining a clinical pedagogical posture in the context of potential institutional, medical, family, or other pressures.

The certified practitioner is required to respect the privacy of the learner and to maintain professional confidentiality.

The certified practitioner maintains a supportive and collegial relationship with his/her peers.