The founder

I’m Aminata SARR, born in 1976 in West Africa, and the founder of Madrasa Pedagogy©. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences, a Master’s degree in Teaching, Education, and Training, and a Master’s degree in Distance Teaching. Over the past two decades, I’ve held various roles, including IT business support in France, vocational trainer in France and Ireland, pedagogical engineer in France, and primary teacher in France, Morocco, and Senegal. Fluent in French, English, and Wolof, I also have proficiency in Italian.

I created Madrasa Pedagogy© out of a deep passion for improving educational practices. Having worked extensively in diverse educational settings, I recognized the need for a more holistic and linguistically-informed approach to teaching and learning. My experiences as a teacher and trainer in different countries underscored the importance of language in shaping students’ understanding and engagement. Thus, Madrasa Pedagogy© integrates linguistic principles into its methodology to optimize learning outcomes and empower learners to thrive academically and intellectually.