what's pedagogy

What’s Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the art and science of education. Its purpose is to provide educational practitioners with educational processes and the theoretical reasons for them.

Teaching without consciousness is the ruin of education

The art of education, or didactics, is the set of conscious processes aimed at forming a person, especially a child or adolescent, by developing his physical, intellectual and moral qualities, so as to enable him to face his personal and social life with a sufficiently fulfilled personality.

The science of education or theory of education is a set of pure knowledge independent of applications.
The educational methods (didactics) provided by pedagogy can always be justified by the science of education (theory).

You must be able to justify your teaching approach.

There is only one didactic approach

The educational or didactic method aims at developing moral, physical and intellectual skills of an individual.
Morality is a set of norms or rules of conduct accepted in a particular field of activity, in a particular social group at a given time. Intellectual abilities refer to the mental function of organizing reality in thoughts. Physical abilities or motor skills refer to physical performance: strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination.
Language as a system of norms and rules is the very foundation of moral education. Similarly, language as a system of linguistic signs is the sine qua non of thought and thus of intellectual education.
Finally, the ultimate goal of physical education is also the development of a specific language: the gesture or motor pattern (external movement of the body (or one of its parts), perceived as expressing a way of being or doing (of someone).

The only thing you can teach is language.

Linguistics is the keystone of education

The science that allows the pedagogue to justify his educational processes can only be the science of language, linguistics. “Linguistics is the scientific study of language. It involves analysis of language form, language meaning, and language in context, as well as an analysis of the social, cultural, historical, and political factors that influence language” (Wikipedia)

Pedagogy being the art and science of education, it is therefore de facto linguistics applied to the didactic.

Don’t get lost in all educational theories and stay focused on linguistics.