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Madrasa Advanced Pedagogy Practitioner©

Pedagogical services for teachers

Diagnostic assessment

A 2-hour pedagogical assessment to determine the prerequisites and objectives of a remediation, a learning or a certification pathway. These 2 hours are divided into three sessions of 40 minutes each.

Remediation session

A 40-minute session to address a cognitive deficit for future learning. Several sessions may be necessary and be part of a remedial pathway.

Learning session

Session of 40 minutes to acquire and/or assimilate new learning. Several sessions may be necessary and be part of a learning pathway.

Pre-Certification session

A 40-minute session to acquire and/or assimilate the skills necessary to take a certification in Madrasa pedagogy. Several sessions may be necessary and may form part of a certification pathway.


A certification examination for educational practitioners to validate their knowledge of Madrasa pedagogy©

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*Fees are communicated to you by the practitioner as an indication.They may vary according to the type of session finally carried out, the number of consultations required, and the necessary travel outside the practitioner’s office. If the fees are exceeded, the practitioner must inform you beforehand.