I am Aminata SARR, I was born in 1976 in west africa. I am the founder of Madrasa Pedagogy©. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences, a Master’s degree in Teaching, Education and Training, and a Master degree in distance teaching . I have worked over the last twenty years as an IT business support in France, as a vocational trainer in France and Ireland, as a pedagogical engineer in France, and as a primary teacher in France, Morocco and Senegal. I am fluent in three languages: french, english, wolof and I am proficient in italian.

When I was little, I loved to play “teacher” but I really hated being a student.
As a student I found school very boring and I wondered how my teachers perceived school. In the role of teacher I felt powerful but I felt so weak in the role of student. The weakness I felt then was not because of my grades, I was a good student. I felt weak because neither schools, nor books, nor late night discussions allowed me to understand the world.